Welcome to Eclipse

Web3 Reimagined


Eclipse is a multichain cryptocurrency token redefining utility for web3. It exemplifies the foundational principles of crypto with its focus on transparency, decentralization, autonomy, and utility. Eclipse powers MARS, a decentralized, web3 token ranking and advertising system.

Run by a DAO and focused on utility, Eclipse is partnered with the All For One crypto wallet and trading app, which utilizes the Decentralized Exchange Network (DEN) owned by Eclipse to allow seamless in-app trading of thousands of cryptocurrency tokens.

Multichain Advertising & Ranking System (MARS)

MARS is a king-of-the-hill style, community-driven, token ranking system.

Token communities vote for their token by buying and sending Eclipse (ECL) to MARS. The more Eclipse tokens a community has sent to MARS, the higher their token goes in the listings.

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